We share with you the top 3 programming books for the C language, You can download them from here. There are no copyright issues with the E-Books and these books contain a basic guide for the user to learn and explore the Language.

No prerequisites required, The books teach you from the scratch and you can learn and explore the language.

Programming languages have different levels, depending on how much they
resemble human Languages. Programming languages that use common words and are
relatively easy for most folks to read and study are called high-level languages. The
opposite of those is low-level languages, which are not easy to read or study.
High-level languages include the popular BASIC programming language as
well as other languages that just aren’t that popular any more BASIC reads almost like
English and all its commands and instructions are English words — or at least English
words missing a few vowels or severely disobeying the laws of spelling.
The lowest of the low-level programming languages is machine language. That
language is the actual primitive grunts and groans of the microprocessor itself. A machine
language consists of numbers and codes that the microprocessor understands and

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