Difference between CSE and IT Branches of Engineering | CSE Vs IT

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Computer Science Engineering deals with the design and development of computer components, whereas, Information Technology is the branch of engineering that deals with the application of computers in businesses.


CSE stands for

Most of us have this question of what is CSE. The word CSE stands for “Computer Science Engineering” and one shouldn’t get confused with Computer Engineering which comes under the Diploma course. CSE includes the domain under technologies such as Software Development, Microprocessors, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and so on.

Computer engineering programs tend to resemble computer science at the lower division with similar introductory programming and math courses but diverge from computer science at the upper-division with heavy electrical engineering requirements such as digital and analog circuits, integrated circuit design, VLSI design, and control systems. Computer Science and Engineering integrates all of the above and is intended to develop a solid understanding of the entire machine including computer hardware and software.

IT stands for

The word IT stands for “Information Technology” also as Information science and Engineering in colleges which provides a B.E. degree and there is an observed difference between both the branches.

IT plays a major role in the field of communication, Inventory management, Data management, Management information systems, and customer relationship management. It concentrates on the study of utilizing computers and telecommunications in order to control, gather, store and circulate information.


Difference between CSE and IT – Course

Let’s discuss the difference between CSE and IT in terms of course and syllabus

CSE: the student’s study designing, implementation, and management of information systems of both software and hardware processes.

IT: the students study the area which involves installation, development, and implementation of computer systems and applications.

MAKAUT CSE Syllabus 

MAKAUT IT Syllabus

Here are a few job roles for CSE:

  • Software Developers
  • Testing Engineer
  • Project Manager-IT Software
  • System Analyst
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • IT Technical Content Developer

Here are a few job roles for IT:

  • Software Developer
  • Testing Engineer
  • IT Coordinator
  • System Analyst
  • Applications Developer
  • IT Technical Content Developer

Here is a general comparison in terms of the salary between CSE and IT graduates.


Job Average Salary
Software Engineer Rs 444,004
Senior Software Engineer Rs 722,545
Software Developer Rs 396,437
Associate Software Engineer Rs 323,130
Systems Engineer, IT Rs 347,455
Sr. Software Engineer Developer / Programmer Rs 636,759
Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer Rs 448,616


Job Category Experience Average Annual Salaries
Principal Software Engineer
1-4 years INR 4,87,000 – INR 16,00,000
5-9 years INR 6,10,231 – INR 17,55,970
10-19 years INR 10,18,224 – INR 29,96,666
Associate Software Engineer
Less than a year INR 1,82,746 – INR 3,84,722
1-4 years INR 1,75,083 – INR 548,532
5-9 years INR 4,01,345 – INR 948,799
10-19 years INR 6,10,419 – INR 1,220,838
Software Engineer/Programmer/Developer
Less than a year INR 1,06,523 – INR405,470
1-4 years INR 1,64,279 – INR 5,52,803
5-9 years INR 2,71,240 – INR 10,13,674
10-19 years INR 4,80,000 – INR 20,00,000
Software Engineer/Programmer/Developer
Less than a year INR 2,76,950 – INR 3,20,470
1-4 years INR 3,21,904 – INR 7,50,387
5-9 years INR 4,47,539 – INR 10,72,805
10-19 years INR 4,89,559 – INR 24,26,171


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