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Free Online Internships with Certificates 2020

Are you looking for a summer internship in this pandemic? So here is great news that  Suven Consultants  brings Free Online Internships with Certificates 2020 from the world’s best companies. Suven Consultants  are open to everyone from any part of the world.

Skilled Freshers are backbone of any nation. You all are skilled freshers. On this platform any CSE or Non-CSE student can apply for CS Jobs. Most of the CS jobs are high paying and futuristic. After all India is a hub for IT & Software Services for the World.

Now to crack a great job that you have been dreaming of, the most important step is to nail the Interview. In Software Engineering, the interview procedure is pretty much standardized across most companies and comprises of the following phases:

Coding Test: the purpose of the Coding Test is to filter out the bad candidates who certainly do not have much idea of Coding or general Computer Science.

Interview Round 1: the objective of the Interview Round 1 is to assess the basic programming and problem-solving skills of the candidate.

Interview Round 2: this is the final round to confirm that the candidate is hired. It is a simple personnel Interview round, popularly called as HR round.

All the best !!

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1.Which Company is issuing me the Certificate of Internship ?

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