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Vivek Agarwal scored 93.4 percentile in CAT 2023 and is creating this page as a reference for future applicants who will clear the CAT exam or any other major exam in the future and want to prepare for GD PI or WAT but do not have many resources or a network that can help them prepare like Vivek does.

Vivek says, “I didn’t have many resources, but I prepared with whatever information I could find online. Later, I realized that applicants like me share their interview experiences in groups, and edtech giants use them to discern the trends of questions asked in interviews. Hence, I decided to share those experiences on this website, which could help you understand the pattern of questions asked in interviews and design your preparation plan accordingly. One request: if you find this helpful, please consider sharing the website and refrain from copying and sharing it elsewhere.

Keep these five things in your hand, as what experience says:

  1. Current affairs (Refer it through business and economics)
  2. Knowledge about your state and city. (videos on internet)
  3. Civics (politics) and position holders name
  4. Academics
  5. General HR

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The MBA interview, a pivotal moment in the application process, serves as a platform for candidates to showcase their potential beyond their written credentials. It’s a dynamic exchange where intellect, ambition, and personality intertwine. Candidates must articulate their career aspirations, demonstrate a deep understanding of their chosen field, and convey how an MBA aligns with their goals. Beyond the academic and professional journey, interviewers often seek glimpses of leadership, adaptability, and problem-solving skills. The interview is not just about answering questions but also about forging a connection, presenting oneself authentically, and leaving a lasting impression that distinguishes the candidate from the rest.

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The interview experience is listed down:

1.Cap interview

Background:  Mass media and communications(Advertising and journalism)

1. Tell me something that’s not on your cv
2. What are the 4 C’s of marketing
3. Imagine this thermos is a chief guest at your college and introduce him to the audience
4. What is the difference between Interpersonal Vs Mass Communication Vs computer assisted communication
5. Is charging a fee to remove deep fakes from the internet a profitable business?
6. What is the importance of feedback in communication
7. How to spot fake news vs real news
8. Female panelist: You have a very good smile and pleasing personality What do you think is the most important component of communication content personality body language?
9. Let’s say there are two equally competent candidates male and female and we select the female because she has a pleasing personality. What are your views on this as a woman ?
10. What do the olympic rings symbolise? What are the colours ?
11. Faculty VS curriculum which would your prioritise and why?

Hobby: Cooking
12. What do you think is the main ingredient in Indian Cooking?
13. What is the difference between Tamil Sambhar and Kerala Sambhar?
Ps Loved the questions and panelists were super nice

Cap interview


2.Cap interview

Acads – 9/9/8  BSc Physics
CAT – 96.93
Interview – CAP 2024

Tell me about yourself

Why MBA as a fresher

What did you learn in Marketing Course?

Had some back and forth on customer centric approach. I was not mentioning a term when I got that moved forward.

What are you reading?
Said have been reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. He said it was class 10 reading. Said I had read C&P by Dostovesky before that. Again said class 10 reading. Gave some recommendations of not so class 10 reads

Asked about Bharat Ratnas names

Asked about the mathematicans that impacted me most

Who was responsible for marriage of algebra and geometry?

Asked about euler notation

Asked about measures of central tendency and standard deviation.

Cap interview


3.Cap interview

Done with interview !
Questions related to real estate(personal business)
Budget 2024
Cm of rajasthan
Finance minister

2nd panel
Being a fresher you wont get placed in iim coz they give priority to work ex ? What would you do?
Which iim would you choose and why?
Places of Rajasthan
That’s all

Cap interview


4.Cap interview

Done with the interview
2 panelist 1(m) 1(f)
Didn’t ask anything other than my work experience in Postal department
It was more like a conversation than an interview just two question was asked that why don’t you try for IPOs(higher post in the Postal department) and want to switch career?
And which 2 things I would like to change in the department?
Apart from that all they talked about is Postal Department.
Lasted around 15 minutes.

Cap interview


5.Cap interview

Electronics and telecommunication( 1 year work ex)
2 panelist 1(m) 1(f)

I was last in my panel 

asked me about what were you thinking this whole time and how was your day 

1. Asked me about my interests and had a discussion of about 5-6 minutes around it.

2. About my company 

3. If I have interest in politics(I had previously mentioned something)

4. What a typical day at my work would look like?

5. How have you handled a conflict with a client?

6. Asked about interest in specifications for MBA

7. conversation around my extracurriculars

It was more of a conversation and both the interviewers were nice and chill



6.Background- BBA fresher
2 panelist both male

P1- asked about full form of BBA , and why do you want to do mba if you’ve already done bachelors?

Then countined with what books have you read in your bachelors, name a few?!

Answered with the name of author and two subjects he wrote books on, then cross questioned on why business principle appeal to you.

P2- tell me anything other than your cv-answered

Then asked Have you worked with Facebook ads, I explained with the example of my internship that I used it.

P1- what task did you perform other than creating ads and how much budget was allotted to you to create ads.

P2- Told me to create a HMT watch campaign for the GenZs – drew campaign and showed.

P2 told to select different tag line and to show more creative details to engage audience- cross questioned on the campaign for a bit.

P1- (last ques) which brand do you like the most and why

Lasted around 20 mins.

Cap interview



Two male professors
– Tell me about yourself
Told about internships so lots of chill questioning on that
– hobbiess and question regarding it
– Economy ques – GDP, Fiscal deficit and some more
– Any geopolitical tension u know
– specialisation u want to choose
-have u gone through our curriculum
– others calls u hav
Overall chill panel lots of questions from intro itself

CT- evaluate corporate role in climate change and how sustainable changes can impact our society.



8.PI transcript SCMHRD

Background: Hotel and Hospitality (2022)
No workex, part time freelancing.

Both panellists were female.

1.Discussion on my freelancing experience?
2. How did I get into freelancing?
3. What was my role?
4. How did I contribute to the client and website?
5. How did your contribution help you?
6. Any situation where things didn’t go your way?
7. Why didn’t you continue in hospitality and seek higher education?
8. Expectations from MBA?
9. Which field? (I told Marketing)
10. What changes can be brought for customer focused marketing? (Not exact words; I showed interest in this specific part)
11. Share one marketing campaign?
12. What is SEO
13. How are you working by yourself to prepare for the industry?(not exact words; something similar)
14. Any national/international competition or sports after 12th?
15. Any professional qualifications?
16. What are your plans after an MBA?
17. Two Guesstimate questions
18. Any questions for us?

Overall no grilling. The panels were calm and easy going.



9.Cap interview #transcript
Fresher, Non engineer
P1 male, mid 40’s,
P2 female, mid 30’s
P1: Take me through your journey.
What all subjects you have studied?
What was your CAT score?
Tell me as a CM what 5 things you would improve in Maharashtra.
From where will you get the funds for it?
What all calls do you have, and what is your preference order.

P2: tell me about your hobbies.
What have you studied in operations management course?(5week course that I did )
Tell me the pillars of Atmanirbhar Bharat.
What is CSR?
What are the policies about women empowerment?

Cap interview


97.89%ile hotel management
14 month work ex
No staple questions (something you could have studied for)
1)why you left your 1st job and joined 2nd when 1st was related to your mba plan
2) with your personal experiences what stream do u think u would be a good fit for and why?
3) how would you sell this bottle 🙂
4) do u read newspaper current affairs etc
Ans: not particularly newspaper but try to keep myself updated
How? Yt vids mentioned dhruv rathi 🙂
Ques:What do u think about his recent point on Pakistan?(Ans:I have not seen this vid)
2nd panelist 40ish M
If you were the chief defence of Pakistan on 1st Jan 2024 what were issues you would worry about?
(Struggled to first understand what he asked and what I should answer)
Then clarified a bit and rephrased what would be the difference in your concern if u were of India and if Pakistan.
Ans: different border struggles, India ageing army personnel (mentioned agneepath)

Panelist:Leave policies and everything
Baluchistan and terrorist groups there etc Afghanistan etc
(Started talking about Iran Pak conflict but realised it’s after 1st jan)

What other struggles as a Pakistani chief and again rephrased (was wondering what is he trying to get at)
Ans: b4 elections which government I would like to have (cuz Pak army more power) pro USA or pro China etc
(Seemed satisfied but maybe also gave up dk 🥲)

Last question, and 30 sec any extra curricular activities?… explain what did u do etc etc

U may leave.

Cap interview


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