Top colleges under WBJEE IN 2021

1. Faculty of Engineering & Technology – Jadavpur University (Government, Est-1955)

  • NIRF Univ. rank- 6 ,QS India rank- 12, QS BRICS rank- 75, NAAC – ‘A’, ARWU(Shanghai Ranking)- 901–1000

Since beginning this univ. have consistently produced worldclass academicians… Almost all reputed institutes including the IITs or NITs have some faculties or HODs as its alumni… JU also have some of most happening clubs in city like the JU Moutaineering Club, JU Photography Club, JU Science Club etc and believe me that’s the best part of being a JUian. In total, there are 14 highly active clubs registered in JU. Along with that the lush green campus combined with its heritage makes JU the top pick for wbjee aspirants. Also JU E-Cell is too good, they conduct workshops & internship opportunities in frequent intervals opening opportunities for most eng. students in Kolkata…

In 2018 JU was also nominated for Institute of Eminence(IoE) status but later declined coz our state gov. didn’t agreed with UGC. That was A LAME move by our DIDIBHAI coz JU could have benifited imensely under this scheme. Anyhow it also recieves the TEQIP phase-3 fund (by World Bank) and has seperate DST, FIST, SAP, UGC sponsored separate department buildings just like in -IIT Kgp, IIEST, NIT Dgp and CU in W.Bengal. Both JU and CU are recognised as 5 star universities in India with “Centre of Excellence” status.

Some of relatively newer dept. like IT, Instrumentation , Construction, Printing and Power are situtated in the “Saltlake Campus” and rest of 9 eng. dept. including architecture, pharma, basic science and arts are situated in the main “Jadavpur campus”…

Placements were not that gr8 initially tbh but after multiple protests the placement cell finally became very active and rest what followed became a history!..

So it is indeed best of the best and deserves to be among top10 univ in India but after the implementation of 90% H.S. quota the word “best” becomes questionable…O.S. students within 1k-3k rank got nothing in JU this time and this is serious concern for the institute…also its not all rossy for H.S. students either coz cutoffs remained almost same as previous year and still almost 300 seats were vacant after 3 rounds …There is virtually no benefit of having this quota!>

[CR- 2k(H.S.), CR-1k(O.S.)]

2. Faculty of Engineering & Technology, UCSTA – University of Calcutta (Government, Est-1914)

  • NIRF Univ. rank- 5, QS India rank- 11, QS BRICS rank- 68, NAAC- ‘A’, ARWU(Shanghai Ranking)- 501–600

<Established in 1914 by Sir Asutosh Mukherjee, UCSTA already had a rich and long history with its 3year B.Tech(post Bsc.) programme but in 2015 when BESU converted to IIEST(i.e left WBJEE), CU took this opportunity & introduced their new 4year B.Tech(an updated version of post Bsc-Btech) programme.. UCSTA only had one campus in Rajabazar back then known as the Rajabazar Science College(RSC) (1st of its kind western style science college in India).. C.V.Raman, J.C.Bose, A.P.C.Ray, S.K.Mitra, M.Saha, S.N.Bose were some of distinguished scientists who did ground breaking discoveries from here.. Now the Eng. courses are divided among three campuses -The RSC Campus houses few of oldest eng. dept. in India like the Radio Physics & Electronics(ECE), Applied Physics(EE,IE) & Applied Chem. dept.(CE,CT,PST), the Ballygunge Science College Campus has the Jute and Fibre Tech dept.(JFT) and the NanoTech. or Technology Campus in Saltlake City has BCSE, Ak Chowdhury School of “IT” & Applied Optics and Photonics dept.(OOE)…

CU alumni are spread all over the globe and are holding honourable positions in top universities, MNCs & govt. organisations. From Ex-VCs of JNU/IACS/IISc to HODs of top IITs, NITs & IIEST Shibpur, from distinguished world renowned computer scientist like Sankar Kumar Pal to the present Director of Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata (Dr. Sangamitra Bandyopadhyay), From tech entrepreneur & CTO of 2startups like T. Acharya to Ex-Chairman of Hindustan Unilevers/Levers(Asia’s leading goods manufacturer & supplier) S.M. Dutta, all are alumni of this prestigious institute. Even the present VC of JU (Dr.Suranjan Das) and VC of MAKAUT (Dr.Saikat Maitra) are alumni of CU. According to C.N.R Rao(Indian Chemist & Fellow of Royal Society London), at least 30% of faculties in any top tier research institutes in India are CU alumni. According to U.Oxford, CU Sc. College is having the most rigorous and up to date course structure catered more towards the research aspect of engineering. It has produced the most number of Royal Society Fellows, IEEE Fellows, SS Bhatnagar Awardees and Padma Shri Awardees unlike any other Indian Univ.. Someone rightly said- “If JU is known for placements CU is known for academics”..A continued tradition till date most of the top rankers in GATE are CUians…in 2019, Arka Roy got AIR 9 in CS/IT and most students from ChemEng/Applied Physics/RadioPhysics landed up in top 30 grad schools in US & Europe.. Those who opted for placements got picked up by Core companies and govt. bodies with commendable packages, Placements boosted up for 2019 batch especially coz TPO got hired finally!… The national/international rankings of CU also reflects that and due to this cutoffs are also getting steeper. CSE closed at 894 rank this year (opening rank was 257) and after round 3 branches like CSE/ECE/IT/EE all closed before 1.5k rank which is better than few less preferred branches in JU!.. CU is the top choice for most Outside State aspirants due to – The absence of 90% Domicile Policy ,Small Batch Size of 20–30(Good faculty to student ratio),top notch faculties(Quality of Faculty wise – QS rated 100% & CWUR ranked it 296 worldwide), availability of high no. of PhD/Research Scholars(Like IISc, almost 90% of seats are reserved for PG students or in other words gr8 for those who wanna pursue UG research), Numerous MoUs signed with foriegn univ. in US, UK, Italy, France..etc, just check the list from here MOU) And lastly the unmatched ROI (Return of Investment, being a state funded univ. it will cost you only 4k inr/semester)…

[CR- 3k]

3. Kalyani Government Engineering College (Government, Est- 1995)

Very good college and highly respected in WB. Although majority of students end up in service based companies but i’ll suggest you to join this college blindly if u are geting it. Students here participates and win numerous hackathons each year. This should give u a sense how strong the coding culture is. Their fests are widely celebrated too in Bengal and their E-Cell is brilliant.

[CR- 3k]

4. Institute of Engineering and Management (Private, Est-1989)

  • NIRF- 101, NAAC grade- A

<Location and placements are perhaps only two positive points I can think of but unnecessary rules and virtually no college life (& Campus) makes it quite a difficult one to recommend :P…Still its better than all Makaut affiliated prvt colleges and will give u quite a competitive study environment in a much diciplined way!>

[CR- 7k]

5. Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College (Government, Est-1961)

Decent college, Decent quality of students, has autonomy under MAKAUT,best for core branches,has decent coding culture… This college is on verge of becoming an university, so its good news for future aspirants.I could have given JGEC a better rank but due to its location KGEC still attracts the best minds…So for me only drawback of JGEC is its location (NOTE: Jalpaiguru is a 12hour trip from Kolkata) but plz it should not be a major concern in any ways. 

[CR- 7k]

Conclusion : This sums up my top 5 pick but I would like to add here that if you are not getting any of top 5 colleges mentioned here(even in spot round as C.R. goes upto 10k GMR) then plz drop a year to prepare again coz I believe(srry for being honest) only these top 5 colleges have best overall culture be it in academics, extra-curricular activities or overall exposure… Although all of top 10 colleges mentioned here are “worth” joining only if u r ready to work hard…

Some extra points : Few other colleges[apart fromIITs(top7)/NITs(top3)/IIITA/H/BITS] like VJTI/COEP/BITmesra/AnnaUniv./RVCE/PESU/LMNIIT/THAPAR/JMI/ICT/PSG/DAIICT/IIITB/D/DTU/NSUT/newerIITs/top3-7 NITs are all comparable to JU(placement and exposure wise but academic wise JU & CU are comparable to iits if not less) so if u are getting decent branch in these colleges just grab them without thinking twice.

Fee structure: Very feasible for colleges under wbjee. In CU or JU specifically the return of investment is CRAZY coz your entire B.Tech degree will cost u about 30k inr!! With that much money the level of exposure u’ll get in these two univ. is unparallel(only German univ. can match this!)… Govt. aided technical institutes like JGEC, KGEC will cost you about 50k and the private ones like IEM, Heritage will cost you about 5 lacs…

Important note regarding placements : Apart from the top 4(or 5) no college(under wbjee) in W.Bengal will offer you even a decent package mostly due to two reasons …1st Colleges are affiliated to MAKAUT which has pathetic and outdated syllabus..2nd Condition of west bengal under hon.Mamta Banerjee is worse than ever, gdp/capita of state is lowest and there is no growth investement wise for few decades now…So its not the fault of student to grab decent jobs! Come here at your own risk 😉

Still…I have listed these colleges based on student & faculty quality/National and International Rankings/Infrastucture/startup opportunities etc but not on placements alone!

Good luck and drop a like if you find this answer useful 🙂

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