Campus placements season is beginning at almost all the colleges and each one of us wants to prepare to do the best.

The placement session for any company generally has 3 – 4 rounds. The first round is the written test, c%onsisting of quantitative aptitude, reasoning (logical ability), English (verbal ability), and computer science subjects (C, C++, Data Structures, Algorithms, DBMS, OS, Networks, etc.).
For some companies, you might also have a coding round, which is sometimes taken as a separate round and sometimes is clubbed with the written test.
Further rounds are interview rounds, the first two usually being the technical round and successive rounds being the HR round.


Campus Recruitment Book 

The book contains a full guide containing aptitude questions from quants, verbal and logical reasoning questions. Later, discipline-wise questions are also added.

Data Structures and Algorithms book – Made Easy

The book is costly and is good to prepare for DSA Concepts asked in coding and pseudo rounds in placement, do remember the book shows the concepts but to excel it you need to practice questions from the previous year.

GEEKS4GEEKS Placement Course Page

The page contains sequence-wise all aptitude questions with solutions and a few added links of the previous year asked questions in campus placements.

Verbal Ability Placement course Video Playlist

The placement course on verbal ability from Face Prep is loved by thousands of students and have a 95%+ like a ratio on Youtube.

Quantative Aptitude Placement course Video Playlist


Concept of Programming Placement course Video Playlist

English & Softskills


All these video playlists are my personal preference and I loved all the videos, The part 2 quants playlist I followed but it’s for CAT preparation you can follow the above one. I didn’t add any logical and Data interpretation aptitude placement you can follow now your preference as I didn’t start its preparation. Thank you for reading this you can like share and subscribe to my Youtube channel and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and must join us, the telegram group. Thank You

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