Get Foreign University Courses with Certificates and badges for Free | Harvard University, Stanford University and many more

How to get a foreign university course certificate and its courses for free, is explained in this article. You can access the course through their official site but they don’t offer certificates for free. But you can get it for free using this trick which is explained in this article. 

Harvard University, University of Michigan, Stanford University, and many more universities and colleges offer courses for free, the courses are valuable and contain awesome content which you can absolutely free.

The site I am talking about is Canvas Network, this site is absolutely free and they offer free courses from different deemed universities and colleges of World. Courses are for any branch and stream you belong to. 

Are you an engineering student, teacher, B.Com student, P.Hd student, or anyone from any stream, You are eligible for this.

Certificates from such a big university are much valuable and the content they will provide is much more high value compare to normal Udemy courses Or any other platform you prefer. 

How to get this course for free?

Step 1: Make an account in Canvas Network through your email

step 2: verify your email

Step 3: Choose the course you want.

Remember that, few courses do not offer a certificate, few courses offer only badges. Do check 

Step 4: Choose the course and enroll in the course and start preparing. 

Step5: After to watch all the course videos, give the test, and get the certificate 

Remember that, many courses give criteria for their certificate like 60% or 75 %. If you don’t score that much on the test you will not get the certificate.

To enroll:

Explanation Video in Hindi:

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