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Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology,West Bengal,

formerly known as the West Bengal University of Technology, is a public state technical university located beside National Highway at Haringhata, Nadia, West Bengal, India.

(MAR) Mandatory Additional Requirement

For every MAKAUT STUDENTS, you have to achieve some mandatory extra points to earn B.Tech, B.Pharm. degree under MAKAUT. This will come under Mandatory Additional Requirements (MAR). Below is a table of the list of the activities and the points that can be achieved by a student in four years, i.e. full course time.


  1. The student should engage herself/himself in activities outside the curriculum. Join different types of Clubs of College, write something for the wall magazine, remain active in outer society, participate in TechFests activities, etc. and report the same to gain MAR points. See the activity list to gain more insight into MAR.
  2. Submit proof of that activity, like photographs (hard and soft), photocopies of certificates, CDs of videos, etc. to her/his mentor. Send a softcopy as an attachment to the mentor of their college.
  3. There is “Maximum Points Allowed” in each ‘activity within ‘full course’ and within an ‘academic year’. This means that a student should participate in different activity types and be spread over the full course duration.
  4. The points earned by the students will be reflected in their mark sheets.

For uniform distribution of MAR activities throughout the entire period of the academic curriculum of a student, the student should earn a minimum of 20 activity points and a maximum of 100 / 75 activity points each year.

According to rule No. 6, You can attempt 2 quiz per semester  and get each 10 mar certificate

Participation in Debate/Group Discussion/ Tech quiz /Quiz /Seminar /Painting /Music-Dance /any Performing Arts workshop – (Max 32 Points)

6(a) No. of Programs 10


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