S R Jindal Scholarship & Internship Opportunity



1) Family Income Limits:
i. For those in employment – Rs.4.00 lakh per year – Salary Certificate issued by the Employer is acceptable.
ii. For all others – Rs.2.50 lakhs per year – Income Certificates issued by the competent authorities as designated by the respective State Govts. like
Tahsildar,Revenue Officer, BDO, Gram Pradhan, President of Village Panchayat etc. are acceptable.
In case the Income Certificate is issued in any language other than Hindi or English, the student should also submit a translated copy in English or
Hindi duly certified by the Principal / Authorised Signatory.
2) A student should apply for scholarship only once in the duration of the course.
3) Scholarships will be given in all Govt., Govt. aided Schools, Colleges/ Institutes and those private schools, Colleges/ institutes
where exorbitant fee is not charged from the students.
4) For 3 years or longer duration courses, applications will not be entertained from final year students.
5) Scholarship will not be given for courses of less than one year duration.
6) Scholarship shall be discontinued after the student crosses 30 years of age.
7) Applications should be sent to the address given below:
The Trustee, Sitaram Jindal Foundation,
Jindal Nagar, Tumkur Road, Bengaluru 560073
Note:- Only those application forms which are downloadable free of cost from the Foundation’s website will be entertained.
Application forms separately printed (in Printing Presses) will not be entertained.
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Sitraram Jindal Foundation invites interns from across India

The Sitraram Jindal Foundation invites interns from across India to gain insight into the organization’s work and philosophy.

Internships can take place at the existing Offices in Bangalore, Delhi, or across any of the Programme locations in India. All internship assignments will vary in terms of content and length according to the availability and academic requirements of the intern, as well as the needs of the Foundation.

A limited number of seats for internships are available each year. Interns will be selected on a competitive basis from the pool of applications received. Relevant applications preferably in development, education, health, social work, or equivalent field (sociology, economics, political science), with a strong background in research, analytical, and writing skills will be considered.

The Foundation welcomes self-starters and passionate individuals who are ready to work with the people in need.

Interested candidates are requested to fill the Internship Application Form available on the website and submit with complete details to:

Sitaram Jindal Foundation
Jindal Nagar, Tumkur Road,
Bangalore- 560073.
Email: info@sitaramjindalfoundation.org

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