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Nearly all industrialized countries experienced the first industrial revolution hundreds of years ago. It evolved via the employment of more automated and semi-automated technology in manufacturing as it moved from manual production methods to mechanized production procedures.

The transition to a more self-aware and digitalized mode of labor is what is commonly referred to as the “Industry 4.0” industrial revolution of today.

Industry 4.0 appears to be a trend that will dominate engineering for many years to come, with technology such as augmented reality aiding the engineering development process, smart factories ushering in a new era of efficient production, new and exciting opportunities to automate a multitude of tasks while re-inventing well-established business models.

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About Companies

QAD was established in 1979 to address a production issue. We started off with a small number of neighborhood clients, helping them from our Santa Barbara, California, headquarters. We were there to back our clients as they expanded and went worldwide in their quest to create fantastic goods and win over their customers.

QAD is developing a top-tier SaaS business, and we are expanding. QAD is seeking creative people to join us in our effort to address pertinent, current issues in manufacturing and the supply chain.

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As QAD is a virtual organization, working virtually from home will be your main work experience. To improve working relationships, collaboration, design, strategy, and alignment, sporadic travel to physical work may be necessary.

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About Engineering program Trainee at QAD

You will work in a team with experienced developers and engineers as an engineering graduate trainee, doing the professional software engineering tasks listed below.

As you acquire expertise in the position, you will also be able to manage less complicated design and programming tasks on your own and take on increasingly challenging projects. The two things you’ll do are write technical documentation and run unit tests.

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Tasks to do:

  • QAD application design, development, and maintenance. Develop, put into practice, test, and incorporate fixes into application baselines.
  • Convert high-level business insights into programmable language.
  • Uphold the defined quality standards and practices.
  • Make and/or update the documentation.
  • Create specs for unit and system tests and carry out testing.
  • To verify adherence to quality standards and requirements, do your code review.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Education and licenses: IT background (BE, B.Sc. IT, M.Sc., B.CA., MCA), or any other degree with the necessary IT certification
  • 0–1 year of experience
  • Excellent Computer abilities and working understanding of the platforms, languages, and technologies that QAD supports, such as Progress, Java, Java Script, HTML, XML, and Open Source technologies
  • Effective written and spoken English.

Important Information: 

  • Our team at QAD values your health and well-being. We provide programs to assist you in finding a good work-life balance.
  • Chance to join a developing company as it enters the following stage of growth and change.
  • People that are intelligent and hardworking work together in a collaborative environment to complete tasks.
  • A culture of opportunity and advancement where the exchange of ideas always takes precedence over hierarchy or position.
  • Compensation based on necessary skill set and experience

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